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    # 14 декабря 2013 08:20

    The saying goes "cold feet", a lot of people think his feet wrapped tightly to warm. As everyone knows, shoes too tight, not only warm, but also pose a health risk.
    Feet too tightly wrapped, poor blood circulation, heat cannot effectively reach the feet may also cause swelling of the toes, and increases the chances of cheap uggs uk frostbite. In addition, if the socks too thick, too tight, easy to sweat the feet, experiencing cold feet colder the air. Sweat is absorbed by socks, also easy to breed bacteria and cause athlete's foot.
    To warm you can choose shoes that is slightly thicker at the end of something, 2-3 cm thickness and, secondly, best, first, wear shoes, shoes should not be too cheap ugg boots uk tight, this will allow the ankle joints move freely to ensure blood circulation flow; and, finally, insoles and socks to change, wash, keep shoes dry. In addition, the people who sat for a long time, you can stand and walk a few minutes every hour to promote blood circulation in the leg.